Holiday Vamp - CopperBerry Eyes

image.jpg defines VAMP...

"noun: vamp; plural noun: vamps

  1. 1

    a woman who uses sexual attraction to exploit men.

    synonyms:seductresstemptresssirenfemme fatalesex kittentrollop, home wrecker, man-eater


verb: vamp; 3rd person present: vamps; past tense: vamped; past participle: vamped; gerund or present participle: vamping

  1. 1

    blatantly set out to attract.

    "she had not vamped him like some wicked Jezebel"

    synonyms:seductresstemptresssirenfemme fatalesex kittentrollop, home wrecker, man-eater; More


early 20th century: abbreviation of vampire."


First of all, the word trollop just makes me laugh. Second, who doesn't want to have a steamy holiday night like this?! 

"Vampy" makeup is usually characterized by smokey sultry eyes, paired with deep stained lips in shades of crimsons or plums. A powerful and commanding makeup look, this Holiday Vamp is a look that requires confidence to pull off! 


Turn up the volume with a colorful smokey eyes and darker lip. Using shades of berry and warm coppery highlights, the look is edgy yet still festive and powerfully feminine.

Key Products Used: AMBER LIGHTS eyeshadow by MAC for coppery highlight, PINK ASH artist shadow by MAKE UP FOR EVER for main lid color, BLUSH BABY and STEREO ROSE by MAC for cheek color and cheek highlight, MAGENTA and TALK THAT TALK lip liners by MAC, LICORICE Butter Lipstick by NYX, and SILLY Lipglass by MAC for a pink shine and brightness on the lip.