NEW year : NEW site!


10 bits about me!

1. I've always been comfortable with artistic expression - whether it is painting, drawing, dancing, hair, makeup, and I'm used to an audience and I love to share my work. The whole idea of a "blog" post, however, is entirely new to me. I'm excited to challenge myself with this new format of sharing through writing. Please prepare for a lot of typos!

2. Crazy-Cat-Lady is my middle name. Never would I ever think I would be the proud daddy-mommy to three beautiful adopted kitties, but this is now my life. At any time of day, I'm most likely with the cats, showing photos of the cats, talking about the cats, or, at the very least, thinking about the cats. It never ends. Names: Dexter (the only male), Mila (the princess), and Suki (the orange baby).

3. Makeup brands that I use most often: M.A.C., AVEDA, & Clinique.

4. Three Beauty products that I reach for the most often with clients would be... 1 - M.A.C.'s paint pot in "Quite Natural." It's perfect base for any neutral eye look or as a look all on its own - a rich, medium brown tones that never looks too warm or too cool. 2 - Cinema Secrets' 5-in-1 Ultimate Foundation Palette. This beast gives killer creamy coverage. 3 - AVEDA's Lip Saver! The BEST lip moisture I have ever used. Period. Ever. Plus, it's free of any petrochemicals, parabens, and mineral oil.

5. I am obsessed with arrangements. Of anything. After 5 years in a retail-based career, I will reposition ANYTHING. Candles, shelves, counters: I conquer them all. With pleasure.

6. After a lifetime of dance classes and concerts, I graduated from Illinois State University in 2007 with a Bachelor's Degree in Dance Performance. I then went back to my hometown to lead the dance program as a public high school teacher at my own alma mater. I will always think that's so cool. I am so proud to be a part of the amazing legacy of the Creative and Performing Arts program at Auburn High School, Rockford, IL.

7. I never read. I wish I did (Magazines don't count).

8. I wish I could change my hair color daily, but I feel the most complete as a blond.

9. If there was one career I was interested in, aside from the creative of makeup artistry and dance, It would be to design clothing. Or be a personal stylist.

10. Favorite singing voices of my life : Lauryn Hill & Donny Hathaway. Never changes. 

Thank you for visiting my site! As we enter a brand new year, I look forward to sharing my work, thoughts and reviews with you all! Please follow the links to Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr and also feel free to contact me with any questions or for bookings!