If you haven't done so already, it's time to bring out the big guns : it's the month of the holiday lips! Throw your modern nudes aside and really take advantage of the awesomeness of a bright or deep lip color this month. Honestly, nothing looks better with glittery dresses, oversized sweaters, and knitted scarves, than a bold lip. Even if you keep the rest of your beauty look minimal with a wash of a light shimmering shadow, even just mascara, the powers of the bold holiday lip can transport you immediately to a winter wonderland and put some extra cheer in your step.


All beauty brands have some sort of holiday collection or gift set out right now - and the sets are an amazing way to try out multiple colors at a lower price - just make sure to try your desired color on in-store to see if you like the shade with your skintone. I truly believe that there are no rules in makeup, except it should always give a f e e l I n g. Here are some easy ways to get a big impact with Aveda lip products... But keep in mind that the options out there are endless! Happy Holidays! Xo Joey


1. Aveda lip colors in Wild Fuchsia and Goji Berry with MAC Liner in Half Red to frame outer edges. Matte, hydrated, intense. 

2. Aveda lip glaze in Star Dahlia. Bright, rich, glossy. 

3. MAC lip liner in Lasting Sensation and Aveda lip colors Goji Berry and Mulberry. fresh, bright, festive. 

4. Aveda lip Definer in Fire Maple with Aveda lip glaze in Mangosteen. Deep, romantic, intense.