Woodstock Lovefest: Sararose + Nick

Working with Sara to help create her vision was surreal. She is creative, artful, and full of love.

Sara and I have collaborated so many times in the worlds of fashion and beauty, but when it came to her wedding I was expected something to be different. Different how? I don't know: maybe more stressful, more controlled, more specific ideas of what should be what? Instead, Sara communicated to me in the way she always does - like an artist to an artist. We decided that she was going to look like an elven princess, a forest nymph, a wild and regal fairy. What happened after that was a free and loving artistic session between myself and her amazing hairstylist, Brooke Klay, to bring her vision to life. 

Photography: Christina Cernik / Hair: Brooke Klay, brookeklayartistry.com / Makeup: Joey Claeyssen / Dress: Handmade by the Bride, Sararose Krenger, sararoseonoak.com / Flowers: A Pretty Flower, aprettyflower.com