Engagement Photo Makeup 101


8 Things to consider for engagement session makeup:

1. Look like yourself.

2. Don't look like you're trying too hard. There is nothing worse than looking overdone if the theme is "casual."

3. Define your features enough that you will pop on camera and not feel washed out.

4. Wear neutral eye colors.

5. Wear your favorite go-to lip color so that you feel like yourself.

6. Add extra mascara and lashes if needed - lashes always drive me nuts in photos. Make sure your lash-line is thick enough that there won't be gaps of light shining through them in detailed shots.

7. Wax. Those baby hairs always will catch the light.

8. Don't stress. Blemishes are not hard to edit out.

When my bestie, Ashlee, asked me to be there for her makeup the morning of her engagement photos, you can guess my answer was "duh." Ashlee has been there for me through ups, downs, celebrations, amazing life landmarks - you get it. Through everything. I am so thrilled for her and her fiancé, Geoff, as they plan for their special wedding day in September. - also super pumped to stand up in the wedding in support of both of these awesome people. Woohoo.

Ashlee is the kind of girl that can wear a lot of different looks, clothing, and makeup. Growing up on stage as a gorgeous dancer, she is used to playing a character and changing looks often for performances. For her personal life: her look is classic, fresh, clean, with a little Victoria's Secret bronze goodness. Staying true to who she is, that is exactly the makeup look I created for her. Here is a look at their photo session with AMAZING Chicago photographer, Lauren Wakefield. Check out Lauren's work at laurenwakefieldphotography.com