5 Must-Haves for your Winter Wimpers


It's cold. Really cold. I'm already annoyed with all of the social media rambling and complaints about windchills and snowfalls. It's cold. Today was day two of no Starbucks! Wait, WHAT!? The jeep tires are practically frozen to the ground, Jefferson left the house in a cab for work, and I am here at home. Without coffee. With our shower pipes frozen, I sat and pouted all morning made the best of my time and took an inventory of all the goodies that would make me feel like I could kick winter's butt! I can't change the season, but I can change what it does to me.

Here are my things-I-can't-live-without:

1. AVEDA Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme, $40, www.aveda.com. This super rich moisturizer gives me instant relief for dry, chapped-feeling skin. Using finely powdered tourmaline mineral, AVEDA's hydrating creme creates a gorgeous glow to the skin and smooth, supple texture. I usually prep models and clients with this product as it is the perfect base to apply makeup to. There is nothing worse than slathering makeup over dry or flaky skin! One more thing: I wouldn't recommend this moisturizer for those with oily skin types. It is so full of moisture that it is only best for those somewhere between normal to dry skin.

2. Sparitual Cuti-Cocktail Nail & Cuticle Oil, $17, sparitual.com. Omg I love this stuff! In September, My salon owner headed out to ISPA in Vegas - a spa convention where you can find ANYTHING you need (and don't need). She brought back tons of products samples for our leadership team to sift through. Some were laughable, some Amazing. This oil was one of the later. My cuticles are disgusting. And one of my bad habits is that I chew them. This oil has doctored my dry peeling cuticles back to life. It really is an instant fix. The product directs you to use daily for 1O days... I just use it whenever my paws look horrible. Best thing about it: it seems like the perfect winter distraction: a summery mix of coconut and pineapple. Yum! Makes me want a piña colada real bad. I'm so happy I'm the one that snatched that sample!

3. NARS Monoï Body Glow II, $59, sephora.com. A little bit coconut, a little bit floral, a lot of pretty skin; slather this on after the shower for long lasting hydrating and healthy looking skin. Looks best over a tan, but once again, I like a little reminder of warmth in the winter.

4. Restoration Hardware No-Crack Hand Cream, starting at $5, restorationhardware.com. When it comes to hand creams, there are way too many to choose from. To me, they all are kind of the same. This pharmacist-developed formula is my fav because it's a)masculine, b)easy packaging to throw in any bag, and c)affordable.

5. AVEDA Lip Saver, $8.50, Nordstrom.com. A classic. One of the first products I use when prepping every client or model. Lip Saver Lip Balm provides long lasting moisture - aka, you don't have to reapply every 5 minutes.

I hope this list helps you gather your beauty weapons to fight through the winter months. I'd love to know, who are you winter beauty buddies? Leave a comment, share with friends. If none of these work for you, then skip it all and get a coffee. Keep it fresh, Joey.